The first Saudi to obtain a license from the chief calligrapher in Istanbul, Sheikh Hassan Galabi, and a license as the first Saudi from Mr. Momtaz Dordo, the calligraphy teacher at Research and Arts Center in Istanbul, and a calligraphy certificate as the first Saudi from Research and Arts Center (IRCICA) in Istanbul Fahad AlMajhadi was assigned by HRH Prince Faisal bin Salman as a resident to collect 82 works for Medina Museum, and he was assigned by Misk Charitable Foundation which affiliates His Highness, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to make an international exhibition in Riyadh on the event of Misk Art, as well as some government projects to request artistic works.

He was assigned by the Ministry of Culture to design a logo for the year of Arabic calligraphy 2020-2021